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Architecture of a Universal Monitoring System for Transport Infrastructure Facilities

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Based on many years of experience in the development and implementation of systems of continuous monitoring of transport infrastructure facilities, the authors have designed an architecture that allows the most efficient and rational arrangement of such systems. The paper notes the need for and importance of universalizing the development, design and implementation of technical diagnostics and monitoring systems of transport infrastructure facilities. It also gives detailed description of universal monitoring system architecture, as well as a roadmap for the development of universal hardware and software platform for this system. Main components of monitoring systems are de-fined. Recommendations are given to be followed when developing the monitoring systems. It is emphasized that a monitoring system can and should be built to make “energy management” possible through minimization of both energy consumption for implementation of operating procedures and reduction of the carbon footprint from the transport infrastructure facilities. Monitoring systems should be a means that help to build highly immune and energy efficient “green” transport infrastructure facilities.